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The Project Twist-It Team

mary o'hara

Mary is an author and journalist who spent much of her childhood living in poverty and now specialises in social affairs. She writes a regular column for The Guardian, Lesson from America, is the author of Austerity Bites, and is a producer on the podcast, Getting Curious, with Jonathan Van Ness.

Project Twist-It was devised by Mary. She also manages the project.

Lizzie Hodgson

Lizzie is the founder and director of ThinkNation, a youth org that empowers young people to explore the impact of technology on their lives through workshops, short films and events.  Lizzie has partnered with Project Twist-It to produce a documentary short where young people discuss what poverty means to them and to host real-world events.


Alexis is a writer, editor and researcher who has worked for high-profile organisations, including The Guardian, and now works through her company, Just Words. Alexis is working on Project Twist-It as a copywriter and is the researcher on The Shame Game. She previously worked as a researcher on Austerity Bites.

Chris kaboli 

Chris is a filmmaker and videographer who has worked with a wide range of clients. He is involved with Project Twist-It making video shorts. Chris previously produced videos alongside Mary on a multi-media JRF Austerity project.

Linsay Rousseau

Linsay is an actor, presenter, writer and former reporter. She has extensive experience as a journalist, including as a Carnegie Fellow for ABC News, a reporter and associate producer for PBS Frontline and a reporter and combat photographer in the US Army. Linsay is working with Project Twist-It as an assistant and social media curator.

Jessica Rae Huber 

Jessica is a film and television composer based in Hollywood. She has worked on an array of projects including The Walking Dead, Outlander, and Damien. Jessica composed the music that accompanies the short videos on Project Twist-It.

Linda Tirado 

Linda is author of the best selling book, 'Hand to Mouth' which dissects the reality of living in minimum wage America. As well contributing through interviews for Project Twist-It, Linda will work on vox-pop content.  

Billie JD Porter

Billie is a filmmaker and journalist. She features in our short film collaboration with ThinkNation where young people around Britain discuss poverty, exploring ideas around how we can begin to change the narrative. Billie will also host the main ThinkNation Project Twist-It event later in the year. 


Jess is a Designer/Maker who recently graduated from the University of Brighton. Her work focuses around her love of colour, pattern and words. Jess designed the logo's for Project Twist-It website and social media. 

contributors & collaborators

Project Twist-It wouldn't be possible without a very talented and committed group of people contributing to various aspects of our content and activity, including interviewees, animators, engineers and artists. We are deeply grateful to all of them.