Respace – Hive Dalston

ReSpace Projects was set up in 2015 initially to facilitate the creation, management and takedown of the Hive Dalston. The idea was to create and sustain a free social project in a way that had not been done before. Using modern techniques and methods to “hold space” for more traditional concepts like community, public use and integration. The phenomenal results of the model in delivering benefits to everyone has led to the organisation broadening its mission to include the enabling of other groups to emulate our success.

ReSpace wants to use the wasted resources of our society to support change-makers and those who do social good. Our aim is to promote the re-use of wasted space to create a network of sustainable social projects that channel these resources to those that need them most – without cost to them.

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Gee Sinha

We talked with Gee Sinha, Director at ReSpace Projects and founder of Hive Dalston.