Jacqui Roberts

Jacqui is CEO of Shoreditch Trust, a registered charity based in Hackney, East London. They work with people to explore and address the challenges they are facing to improve their health, wellbeing, social networks and opportunities.

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Jacqui Roberts, CEO, Shoreditch Trust, London

As part of an organisation rooted in its community Shoreditch Trust works with people across Hackney. CEO Jacqui Roberts tells Project Twist-It about the role grassroots organisations can play in changing the poverty narrative.

For me poverty is really about access. And that could be not necessarily financial access, but access to networks that actually get us through small crises through to difficult periods where we might turn on friends, support networks.

But also people in the know, people that can support us with the knowledge that we might not have. Very often a lot of the people we work with are not given those choices, those opportunities to access what they are entitled to access.
— Jacqui Roberts

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