Mighty Writers

Tim Whittaker, Executive Director, Mighty Writers

Tim Whittaker, Executive Director, Mighty Writers

You know one of the biggest fallacies I think that’s floating out there is that city parents don’t care about their kids’ education. They care about their kids’ education dramatically. They are often working a lot and dealing with a lot of personal family issues, but as soon as we announce a new location we are filled up immediately.
— Tim Whittaker

At Mighty Writers, we teach kids to write.

I really like Mighty Writers program because they get us to focus on a bunch of topics that they don’t really let kids talk about and tomorrow we are going to go to a protest against gun violence. Some of us are going to give speeches.
— Participant

We do this through four-day-a-week writing academies at our six neighborhood locations in Philadelphia, and at our site in Camden, New Jersey.

Over the course of a year—even in summers!—we take students through every genre of writing, but always with the same goal: to get kids to think clearly and write with clarity.

Project Twist-It met up with the kids at Mighty Writers to talk about the program for our podcast – Write-On