Write-On: Project Twist-It Podcast

Episode 1 – Mary O’Hara talks about growing up in poverty and the joy of books. We talk with educators about the importance of literacy to empower people – and the challenges teachers face.

Episode 2 – The kids from Mighty Writers in Philadelphia talk with Mary O'Hara about the powerful impact the program has had on them – building their confidence and self-esteem, as well as their writing skills.

Episode 3 – We hear the incredible, inspirational story of Richard 'Tre' Jenkins, who grew up in poverty and whose life was turned around by Mighty Writers. Tre has now achieved his lifelong dream – he achieved a full scholarship to Harvard in 2018. 


Project Twist-It teamed up with the award-winning podcast production company, Little Everywhere, in Los Angeles to take a look at the important links between poverty, literacy and storytelling. Talking to youngsters, educators and experts our unique 3-part podcast, Write-On, explores the vital role storytelling has in the lives of young people from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds and in encouraging self-expression. We all have our own stories.

With music from film composer, Jessica Rae-Huber and a focus on the Philadelphia-based Mighty Writers, this is an opportunity for all of us to understand the power and significance of our own stories – and our voices.

Little Everywhere

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