Sound Delivery

We believe that people who experience prejudice and disadvantage can create change by telling their stories. As a social enterprise, everything we do reflects our commitment to making an impact on challenging social issues.
— Sound Delivery

Sound Delivery is a social enterprise focusing on the power of storytelling to effect social change. Their focus on sharing the stories of those with lived experience of poverty makes them a perfect partner for Project Twist-It.

They collaborate with people and communities who have direct experience of the issues and support them to share their stories and insights. They want charities and socially minded organisations to develop the potential of their stories and storytelling skills to change perceptions, influence policy, and raise funds.

We are thrilled to be hosting some of Sound Delivery’s content, and working together to tell a different story about poverty.

Being the Story

At this London-based event, Sound Delivery brings together people who don’t usually have a voice to tell their stories. The next Being the Story event is running on 18 October 2019. Find out more here.

Steve Arnott – Hull Beats Bus

Steve Arnott,  Hull Beats Bus  founder and star of  Sean McAllister ’s film A Northern Soul

Steve Arnott, Hull Beats Bus founder and star of Sean McAllister’s film A Northern Soul

Hull resident Steve Arnott was a struggling warehouse worker by day and hip-hop performer by night. After a chance encounter with award-winning documentary maker Sean McAllister, Steve was asked to get involved in a film Sean was making: A Northern Soul. Music is Steve’s passion, writing and performing alongside any job he’s had but he is even more passionate about young people and ensuring that they have the opportunities that he didn’t. He now runs the Hull Beats Bus, a social enterprise mobile recording studio committed to building confidence and giving young people the space to be creative through music and other creative workshops. All eyes were on Hull in 2017 as the city was celebrated as the City of Culture. But behind the scenes the documentary A Northern Soul paints a picture that is less glossy.

Steve was a guest at Being the Story in 2018. In his talk Steve shares his experience of putting his life in the spotlight through the documentary and how he’s now trying to create new opportunities for the community he lives in.. 

Caroline Kennedy

BTS18 Caroline.png

Families face many obstacles to overcome poverty. But the insights of the people experiencing poverty are invaluable and people of influence are starting to listen. Caroline was a guest at Being the Story and shared her campaigning journey to address poverty and inequality and discussed how now, experts by experience can share their knowledge and help to influence approaches to reducing child poverty. 

Caroline Kennedy is now working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on a project looking at reframing language around UK Poverty.

Can you hear me from up here…

BTS18 On Top of the World.png

“We are more than faces at windows held high”

How often do we hear the voices of the residents of Tower Blocks? Produced by Tracie Daly, ‘Can you Hear Me From Up Here?’ is a performance exploring the lived experience of Tower Block tenants and current attitudes towards people who live in social housing, the prejudices and the stigma that exist, the isolation they can feel, and the hopes and aspirations of those housed there. At Being the Story the residents performed a sequence from their play.