Reproducing Project Twist-It content: Guidelines

Project Twist-It wants to help change the poverty narrative by reaching as many people as possible. Because of this, we are happy to share original content from our website free of charge. In return, we kindly ask you to respect our guidelines.


You can publish the title and first paragraph of the article on your website and then add, “read more” linked directly to the original article as published on Project Twist-It. 

REProducing CONTENT:

You can also publish the content in its entirety on your site, but you must let us know you are doing this by emailing:

Please ensure you include in your email:

  1. Name of publication/link to publication

  2. Format for republication (online, print, audio, video etc)

  3. Date of publication

  4. Link of PTI content you wish to reproduce.

Conditions of reproduction/reuse of pti content:

Those wishing to use content from Project Twist-It must agree to:

  • Retain the original article’s byline (e.g., By Mary O’Hara).

  • Ensure all links remain active within the body of the article

  • Insert this credit line at the end of the article (with link to the original article):

    • This article [LINK TO ORIGINAL ON PTI SITE] originally appeard on Project Twist-It, a multi-platform storytelling initiative founded by someone who grew up in poverty. With the help of artists and writers inspired by the issue, it is a hub for telling stories that haven't been told and hearing voices not usually heard.

      Our aim is to reflect the real, lived experience of people in poverty. We want to use the power of storytelling to change our collective understanding of what it means to experience it. We think that people with lived experience should do the talking, rather than being talked about.

    • Connect with Project Twist-It on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

  • Insert the Project Twist-It logo on the article page, and, if possible, link the logo back to

  • Agree to remove our content from your site (and/or other materials) immediately if requested by us.

ONce you have published:

You must email us with a link to the content at:

promoting the piece:

You must mention @projecttwistit and use #projecttwistit on all social media links.

Making changes to articles:

You cannot make any amends to the content unless given explicit written permission by Project Twist-It. If you wish to discuss such changes, please email

Content is non-exclusive:

Organisations or publications etc that use Project Twist-It content recognise that they do not have exclusive use of our content and must be aware that the same content might appear on other organisation’s websites, publications etc.

Contact our editorial team if you have any questions:

Thank you.