We need a new approach to solving poverty.
Successive governments have maintained that work is the best route out of poverty - but with 60% of Britons in poverty living in a household where someone is working, it’s clear that poverty affects both those in and out of work.
It’s also clear that – too often – the benefit system is not providing the support people need, with benefit changes often pushing families further into poverty and making entering work more, rather than less, difficult.
— Poverty2Solutions
Graphic from Thrive Teesside

Graphic from Thrive Teesside

Poverty2Solutions was formed from three groups (ATD Fourth WorldDole Animators and Thrive Teesside) working with a graphic designer (Dan Farley) and a researcher (Ruth Patrick) to explore solutions to the problems of poverty and insecurity in the UK.

The project drew upon the expertise that comes from experience, with group members having experience of poverty and out-of-work benefits receipt.

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Thrive Teesside

Thrive is an award winning organisation working in Teesside aiming to close the gap between the rich and the poor by supporting low-income communities to enact change. We do this through research, mentor support and by taking local action: bringing together local people and institutions, supporting them to take action and campaign for social justice.

ATD Fourth World

Graphic from Dole Animators

Graphic from Dole Animators

We hold a vision of a world without poverty, a society where each person is respected. Poverty is an affront to human dignity, and people in poverty have unique knowledge and experience that can lower the barriers separating people and communities. ATD Fourth World is a movement that gathers people from all backgrounds in order to think, act, and live together differently.

Dole Animators

Dole Animators is a group of benefit claimants based in the UK who worked together to make an animated documentary about the reality of the impact of the government’s recent welfare reform. The project builds upon a small-scale qualitative research project exploring lived experiences of welfare reform, as part of doctoral research by Ruth Patrick. Working in partnership with award-winning documentary filmmaker Ellie Land, 15 out-of-work benefit claimants were interviewed three times as they experienced the direct consequences of various welfare reforms.

Poverty2Solutions for Project Twist-It

These two short videos were made especially for Project Twist-It

Colin Jeffrey talks to Thrive, part of Poverty2Solutions for Project Twist-It

Jynx Necros talks to Poverty2Solutions for Project Twist-It