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At Project Twist-It we want to smash the stigma around poverty. We want to use the power of storytelling to change our collective understanding of what it means to experience poverty in the UK and the US and to challenge the toxic narrative that blames those in poverty for their situation.

What can you do?

Share your story with us by emailing us at and we’ll add you to our ‘Voices’ section.

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Organisations to follow

[These links are provided for your information only. The only organisation we are directly linked with is JRF UK, which provided the funding for Project Twist-It.]

UK Organisations

Joseph Rowntree foundation

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent social change organisation working to solve UK poverty. JRF provided the funding for Project Twist-It. They have huge amounts of information on their website on poverty in the UK.

Follow them on Twitter at @jrf_uk