Mark Brown

Mark is a UK-based mental health campaigner and writer who has experienced poverty at various times in his life.

He talks to us about the pervasive myths surrounding poverty and the multi-level impact of being poor – including the erosion of hope and opportunity.

Mark Brown

Mark Brown

Being poor erodes not only your mental health, but also your physical health. Mainly because you cannot afford maintenance

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Different people experience poverty in different ways, but ultimately when you strip it down to its basics, it’s having the least amount of power possible to influence the conditions under which you live.

And if you multiply that across every other domain of your life, what is removed is choice. And if you haven’t got choice then it’s very difficult to have hope.

The thing about being poor is the horizon gets closer and closer to your face. And people go, oh poor people make stupid decisions. Well, rich people make incredibly stupid decisions all the time but if it comes to it and you have one pound in your pocket, you could put it in your ISA or you could buy some chips.
— Mark Brown